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NIVIQURE has newly developed BLE interfaced ECT and multi-channel EEG system (for post-ECT monitoring). This makes the setting and monitoring features ‘contactless’ with Bluetooth interface with Smartphone / Tablet. Several Smartphone monitored mental health counselling and monitoring modules have also been developed. This has got popular since post-COVID19 times.


NIVIQURE is an ISO13485: 2016 Certified company.


NIVIQURE has participated in Malaysian Psychiatry conference, 2012.


NIVIQURE and NIMHANS jointly is making poster presentation at the IBMISPS International conference at San Francisco, USA June 2011. Maximum Fractal Dimension of Cerebral Seizure Remains Constant through the Course of Electro convulsive Therapy.


NIVIQURE and NIMHANS jointly made poster presentation at the RCP International conference at Edinburgh, UK -2007.


NIVIQURE and NIMHANS hold joint patent for the instrumentation and software design of post- ECT EEG monitoring procedure 2006.


NIMHANS-NIVIQURE joint CD publication on ECT procedure at the International Psychiatry conference, Kolkata in 2002


Brief pulse, constant current ECT design successfully made by NIVIQURE in 1995


Supplied to various Psychiatry centres in India - WHO program in 1999.

NIVIQURE ECT machine, Model INT-5 is IEC 60601 certified by TUV Rheinland.

We are primarily into design and development of Medical Electronic system and software.

We have designed and developed ECT system, multi-channel digital EEG system and Ambulatory ECG system. We have been closely associated with NIMHANS, Bangalore, India for the design and standardization of these products.

Niviqure is primarily into Psychiatric related instrumentation, software and design.

We have jointly participated in over 30 scientific studies / publications on ECT of NIMHANS.

NIVIQURE has been referenced in Russian book of Psychiatry.

NIVIQURE has obtained CB Certificate from Ukraine for supplies to the country

NIVIQURE has participated in African exhibition in Khartoum, Sudan under the auspices of MSME, Govt. of India.