• ECT System

  •       Niviqure ECT System provides electronically controlled electrical charge (milli-coulombs) in pulsed, constant current waveform of either polarity, with best therapeutic effect. This ensures adequate electrical dose in order to keep side-effects like memory impairment, post-ECT confusion, to minimum. For more info

  • Multi-channel digital EEG System

  •       Post-ECT EEG monitoring and recording, storage and retrieval facilities, printouts possible. Time domain and frequency domain (Spectral power) analysis / reportage available. For more info

  • Ambulatory ECG System

  •       Solid state, multi-lead, digital, stand-alone recording system designed to acquire, analyze and store ECG data over long hours. The data is acquired and stored in flash memory for later downloading and analysis. The System is compact and battery operated and hence portable.For more info


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